Telluride Film Festival Festival Management System

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Overview of the project

As film lovers, and festival attendees ourselves, we came equipped with knowledge of the experience Telluride sought to create for its audience. Leveraging these insights, we were able to deliver continuous improvement, across every aspect of an influential international film festival. Their existing system had evolved in response to rapid audience growth, and was complicated to administer.

Between the 2013 and 2015 seasons, we deployed products to improve and integrate the administrative experience for festival volunteers and clarify the process of purchasing and enjoying festival passes for the star-studded audience. From submitting films for approval to configuring and booking venues to selling and printing passes to scanning them when the audience arrives, Telluride runs smoothly on a scalable, flexible platform.

  • 6,964

    passes created

  • 2,534

    film submissions managed

  • 4,514

    pass orders

  • 39,470

    attendance scans

  • 81


TFF Scanner

For its debut performance, our straightforward, lightning-fast mobile app scanned nearly 40k passes across 15 venues, all done by volunteers over mobile connections.

TFF Scanner

Automated Kiosk

Our integrated system made it possible to quickly create an automated kiosk to display upcoming shows on any connected display by creating a separate JS app to display the json endpoint for showtimes already available from the core Rails app.

Automated Kiosk

Film Submissions

Telluride gets thousands of compelling film submissions from talented filmmakers around the world every year. We streamlined the submissions process and updated it to accept streaming media, allowing Telluride staff to manage reviews and approvals in-line with all their other administration needs.

Film Submissions

Pass Management

A-list celebrities and first-time volunteers alike can now purchase and create their festival passes through an intuitive UI featuring automatic face cropping and QR code generation. Multiple levels of audience and staff passes can be efficiently managed by Telluride staff, and passholders activities are tracked to provide a more hassle-free festival experience.

Pass Management

Posters + Web Headline

Telluride commissions new custom artwork for their posters and branding for each festival. Our CMS design makes it easy to adapt the public site to the new theme each year. Here are some of our favorites.

2015 Theme

2012 Theme

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