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Overview of the project

Samsung first approached us to develop UI for SAMI, their IoT data platform. While they had developed a robust API to serve the data collection and analytics needs of early developers and users, Samsung needed a strong user experience to grow engagement with these tools at the Samsung Developer Conference. We launched four application UIs and three websites, all within the two months before SDC.

After the initial engagement, the SAMI team asked us to continue providing design leadership and engineering to support continued development on the developer ecosystem. Because of our work on SAMI, we were invited to develop the presence for Simband, a wearable with advanced health and fitness monitoring. We helped to improve the onboarding experience for the product and provide a media-rich public presence for the project.

Process Evolution

Rather than reskinning an old framework, we thought through the needs of the product from start to finish. By iteratively delivering quick but considered sketches, we established an intellectual partnership with Samsung as we refined the features of the product, making informed decisions that supported the final designs.




Advocacy for the Right Tools

When we chose React.js for this project we were early adopters. The huge productivity benefits we experienced - reusable, composable, testable and ​fast​ components - convinced us and the SAMI team that we'd made the right choice. Today it's our preferred Javascript library for quickly building and scaling great UIs.

Continued Parnership

Based on the success of the SAMI Developer project, we were able to partner with Samsung on other products. We were able to quickly apply our design engineering patterns to a developer portal for a specialized line of health monitoring wearables.

Continued Parnership

Product Ecosystem

Simband’s impressive feature set required lots of technical documentation and strong resources to support their growing developer base. Our portal consistently rolled out critical content in a simple, engaging UI.

Product Ecosystem

Continuous Vision

Adapting the visual language and the documentation workflow we established with SAMI made for a smooth client engagement and a consistent cross-product UX between the two developer portals.

Continuous Vision

Documentation Helps Products Grow

Growing interest in the platform meant that Samsung needed to publish as much documentation as they could as soon as possible. We developed a markdown-based workflow that allowed ongoing, collaborative copywriting with minimal training. Our one team ethos guided the process of simultaneous content production and feature development, following client feedback informed by active use of the system as it evolved.

Screen Detail

Screen Detail
Flexible Organization

We developed an intuitive method of generating a flexible table of contents that their editors mastered with little or no training. Document outlines were generated automatically from the simple Markdown headlines.

Consistent Communication

We created a range of alert and tip styles by request as the documentation matured.

Hassle-free Layout

API references and example data required complex tables and custom formatting. Our system allowed them to focus on content by guaranteeing consistent, accurate display of the data.

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